im on the horror tag on omegle with my webcams speakers on and there are sooo many cicadas and theyre so loud >B^0

wtf… im having a girl day and this guy just tried to insult me by telling me i look like a girl….. im crying

i just wanted to talk about neopets

i just wanted to talk about neopets

Anonymously tell me how you feel about me. I can’t reply, I just have to read it and post it.

why is noone on the neopets tag on omegle :-/

Right this minute, there is someone going through chemotherapy shopping at your grocery store, buying popsicles and ice cream to help their sore mouth, and worrying what the cashier is going to think.

There is someone on hemodialysis buying white bread instead of whole wheat, trying to keep their phosphorus levels reasonable between appointments and hoping for the best.

There is a person attending intensive outpatient treatment for their eating disorder who has been challenged by their therapist to buy a Frappuccino.

There are dietitians picking up a dozen different candy bars to eat with their clients, who feel ashamed and guilty about enjoying them.

There is someone who just doesn’t have it in them to cook right now, and this frozen pizza and canned soup will keep them going.

There are people recovering from chronic dieting and semi-starvation who are buying chocolate and chips at their deprived body’s insistence.

All around us are people listening to what their bodies need and attempting to make the best possible choice within a context of overwhelming food pressure. All of their choices are valid, and every single one of these foods is “real.”

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emperor awesome is hot…………

that pic is cute. look at the weird little bump on my nose




My catholic father literally just said “No, wait, but wasn’t there that story where Jesus and Buddha met? And they lived together for some time? Wasn’t that a thing?”

"And they went on a rollercoaster?"

"Wait, yeah!"

"That was an anime, Dad."

My catholic-raised father just confused Saint Young Men with the Bible.

body hate in tags bc i don’t know how to make a read more on mobile and i need to rant lmao


Un chant d’amour, Jean Genet, 1950


Un chant d’amour, Jean Genet, 1950

i have almost $15 left on steam what should i get :/

i Might be kind of cheap

i Might be kind of cheap



do i need to say anything else about this

if puppies aren’t your type of cute then try their
-kitten cam
-sea otter cam
-shark tank
-both of their reefs

there’s even cockroaches, with their own television.
& if you’re really not into animals [then what kind of person are you], you can even watch the human cam. 

*did i mention you can watch them on your phone!?!?!?!?*

It’s true!


I mean look at their faces! AND puppy chat is happening right now! Come chat about puppies with the Washington Animal Rescue League!

the cockroaches are so cute they have their own little house :^))!!