mmhmm its nap time…….

worked on my about page and added a links page :^D


Gender is kinda like shapes. There are the defined shapes like circles, squares, hexagons. Then there are shapes that have 89 sides but no real name and maybe a few curved edges and aren’t closed shapes. But those are still shapes as much as a triangle is a shape.

i just dropped my 3d design class and i literally felt a weight Lift off of me

time to drop some classes and try to find my meds and then attempt to live a normal life for a while..Neat!

i don’t feel human today and it’s fantastic tbh


time to play my strongest card, Three Eyes White Cecil

wtf… im love bee iwatobi

do you think squidward is a top or a bottom
goodby (hes a switch tbh)

# nsfw

bee disappeared….. im sad




kissing is hella rad but no one is kissing me so that makes me hella sad

did i mention your gay

i saw you type this message

you are gay

you literally just asked me to play with your hair